Hair Transplant

 What is Hair Transplant?

The process of taking the hair in the body from its location out of the tissue and placing it to another body or hairless area is called hair transplant. Hair transplant is tissue transplantation. Persons own tissue is transplanted (auto-transplantation).

Under local anesthesia a piece of tissue which contains alive hair roots (FUT) or one by one (FUE) by an esthetics and plastic surgeon and separated into groups we call single, double or triple graft by a specialist team. Afterwards these separated hair roots are carried to the channels which are micro channels opened under the skin on totally or partially hairless areas one by one and process is completed.

Since eyebrow, lash, beard and arm hair (such as deleting the injury, the razor marks) transplantations are done lately, the “Hair Transplantation” definition seems insufficient. The correct definition should be “HAIR ROOT TRANSPLANTATION”.


Hair Root Transplantation

The most common method in the hair transplantation is FUE for the last 3 years.
Since the FUE hair transplantation method is not a surgery as the other hair transplantation techniques, the general surgery complications such as pain, wound, infection, bleeding or scar do not occur.

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